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Concrete Pools

Amalfi Pools in Melbourne brings the timeless and classic elegance of concrete pools to your backyard. Choose from our range of stylish concrete plunge pools to our innovative precast concrete swimming pools, each built with precision and offering durability, function, and style to add value to your home.

Cement Pools

Why Choose Cement Swimming Pools

At Amalfi Pools in Melbourne, we specialise in crafting concrete swimming pools that epitomise durability, customisation, and aesthetic appeal. Our concrete plunge pools, precast concrete pools, and courtyard pools are designed to effortlessly integrate with and beautify any landscape, offering multiple options in size, shape, and texture finishes. Built to withstand all climate conditions in Melbourne, our pools not only promise long-lasting enjoyment but also add significant value to your property.

With Amalfi Pools, your dream of a luxurious concrete swimming pool in Melbourne is just a dive away.

Plunge Pool Builders

Concrete Plunge Pools

Our modern concrete plunge pool is one of the signs of luxury in any Melbourne home. We perfectly blend the durability of precast concrete pools with the finesse of modern aesthetics that will never go out of style. Our team of pool builders specialises in these chic, compact additions that provide the extravagance of a full-scale pool in a modest space—ideal for Melbourne's more intimate outdoor areas. Not only are our cement plunge pools attractive; but they are also a wise investment, with precast concrete plunge pools renowned for their resilience and ease of maintenance.

Choose Amalfi Pools for a touch of elegance and a competitive edge in concrete plunge pool prices, bringing unparalleled sophistication and tranquil luxury to your personal retreat.

Courtyard Pool Builders

Courtyard Pools

More than just a feature, a courtyard pool is a lifestyle enhancement that adds value and luxury to your Melbourne home. At Amalfi Pools, our team of expert designers and builders specialise in crafting bespoke courtyard swimming pools tailored to fit the unique dimensions and aesthetic of your outdoor space. Our courtyard pool designs maximise space while minimising maintenance, combining function with aesthetics. Beyond their practical benefits, courtyard swimming pools transform outdoor areas into serene escapes or vibrant social hubs for you and your family.

Elevate your Melbourne lifestyle, and let us craft your perfect urban retreat. Contact us today for a consultation and immerse yourself in life's small luxuries!

Infinity Edge Pools Builders

Infinity Swimming Pools

Elevate your outdoor living experience with a captivating infinity edge pool by Amalfi Pools, where luxury meets tranquillity. Embrace the allure of a zero edge pool that seamlessly integrates into your surrounding landscape, creating an illusion of boundless water that extends into the horizon. This architectural masterpiece not only enhances your property's aesthetic appeal but also cultivates an atmosphere of serenity, with a gentle cascade of water flowing over the edge, providing a soothing ambience for ultimate relaxation.

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of an endless swim spa and custom swimming pool, and elevate your Melbourne lifestyle to new heights of sophistication and serenity. Contact us at Amalfi Pools today and let us transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis that exceeds every expectation and makes you feel like every day is a vacation.

Inground Spa Builders

Inground Swim Spa

Experience the seamless fusion of luxury and practicality with Amalfi Pools' signature inground swim spas in Melbourne. Our precast concrete swimming pools are the epitome of sophistication and functionality, offering a blend of the therapeutic comfort of a hot tub with the health benefits of a swimming pool. Our compact, sleek designs are a perfect fit for Melbourne's diverse range of property sizes, ensuring space-efficient solutions that enhance your outdoor living experience.

Our expertise in concrete pool construction is matched by our dedication to providing value through competitive concrete pool costs and transparent pricing. We don't just build pools; we craft lifestyles, with every detail tailored to your vision, from lap swimming pools to a luxurious inground spa experience.

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Our Process



Contact our pool building experts so we can listen to your vision and provide tailored guidance to ensure your dream pool aligns with your needs and preferences.



We will then present you with a detailed quotation, outlining the project scope, materials, and costs, ensuring complete transparency and allowing you to make an informed decision before construction begins.



With the blueprint of your dream pool refined and approved, our expert pool builders bring precision and excellence to the construction phase, transforming your outdoor space into a stunning aquatic retreat.

Custom Swimming Pools

Pool Finishes

Ceramic Mosaic Tiled Pools

Ceramic mosaic tiled pools stand out for their blend of durability, aesthetic appeal, and design versatility, making them a preferred choice for those looking to enhance their outdoor spaces. Crafted from high-fired clay, ceramic tiles offer a waterproof solution that's perfectly suited for the pool's demanding environment. Their resilience against fading, chipping, and cracking ensures a long-lasting beauty that pool owners can rely on for years to come.

Natural Stone Swimming Pools

Amalfi Pools in Melbourne specialises in crafting luxurious natural stone swimming pools, using materials like travertine, limestone, and granite for their durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Our above ground concrete pools not only enhance your outdoor space with a seamless, natural look but also offer slip resistance and temperature regulation for a safer, more comfortable swimming experience. With various textures and colours available, we tailor each design to your unique preference, ensuring your pool is a stunning addition that boosts your property's value.

Crystal Glass Tiled Pools

Our meticulously crafted glass tile swimming pools offer an unmatched blend of luxury and resilience, setting the gold standard for pool design and construction in Melbourne. Crafted from superior-quality and well-designed crystal glass tiles, these stunning pools allow you to create detailed, intricate patterns and designs that cater to your unique aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer clear, coloured, iridescent, or translucent finishes, our glass tiles capture and manipulate light in an enchanted way, imbuing your cement pool waters with a vibrant, captivating glow.

Glass Mosaic Tiled Pools

Glass mosaic tiled pools are characterised by using small, square glass tiles on walls, floors, and waterlines. These glass tiles are often created from slender glass pieces, which have a back-coated translucent glaze and are pre-mounted on mesh for ease of installation. These tiles are popular because of their vibrant, reflective, and durable characteristics. Glass mosaic tiles make the water shimmer as if the tiles were dancing with sunlight and are available in a broad spectrum of colours and patterns that allow flexibility in design. Because of its non-porous nature and its resistance to chemical damage, wear, and UV light, glass mosaic tiled pools are low-maintenance, requiring only minimal effort to keep the pool looking pristine.

Type of Water

Water Choices



Chlorine is the preferred choice for pool sanitation, effectively eliminating bacteria, viruses, and algae, while breaking down organic contaminants, ensuring the pool remains safe and clear.



Salt water pools are increasingly chosen for their skin-friendly and eco-conscious nature, offering a softer swimming experience and long-term savings on chemicals.



Mineral water pools, renowned for their reduced chlorine usage and softer water feel, leverage the therapeutic and anti-bacterial qualities of minerals for a healthier, less irritating swimming experience.

pool spa with water feature - amalfi pools

Pool Fountain

Swimming Pool Fountains

Swimming pool fountains are not just added to improve your pool's aesthetics; they also offer benefits you can truly enjoy! Fountains can naturally cool your pool's temperature on extremely hot days and can improve water circulation, evenly distributing pool chemicals. The natural and gentle sound of water flow gives you a peaceful poolside ambience that can help you relieve stress and transport you to a tranquil destination in an instant.

water jets for concrete pool -swimming pool jets - concrete pool with hydrotherapy jet - three people enjoying the pool spa with jets

Hydrotherapy Jets

Swim Jets for Pools

One of the exciting pool features we're proud to offer is the swim jets. Swim jets instantly transform any kind of swimming pool into an aquatic centre, allowing lap swimming, therapeutic exercises, and simple relaxation without having to build an Olympic-size pool. Swim jets are a cost-effective solution that combines functionality and enjoyment in one!

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