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Custom Swimming Pools Melbourne

Unparalleled freedom in design, allowing you to choose everything from size and shape to materials and features. Embrace luxury with custom swimming pools, where your vision for a unique aquatic escape comes to life, tailored with precision to fit your style and home's landscape.

Swimming Pool Custom Builder

Pools and Spas

At Amalfi Pools, we specialise in creating bespoke swimming pools and spas that embody your taste and complement your home’s aesthetic in Melbourne. Our custom swimming pools and spas offer a myriad of options tailored to your style and preferences. From seamless integration with your home's architecture to complete control over size, shape, and features, including infinity pools, plunge pools, spas, and equipment, every pool we craft is a statement of exclusivity, offering complete customisation of dimensions and depth to suit both your lifestyle and the character of your property.

Our team of skilled pool builders works closely with you to select finishes that range from natural stone to sophisticated tiles, creating a harmonious flow from your indoor to outdoor living spaces.

Luxury Swimming Pool

Landscape Design

Our comprehensive landscaping solutions offer everything from customised landscape design, which seamlessly blends your pool into its natural setting, to the careful selection and installation of lush plants, sophisticated hardscaping, and striking outdoor features that enhance the beauty and functionality of your space.

Choose Amalfi Pools for a tailored, end-to-end service that transforms your backyard into a breathtaking oasis, perfectly integrated with your custom swimming pool, enhancing your property's value and quality of life.

Custom Pool Builder

Design and Construction

We specialise in designing beautiful concrete pools and spas, featuring luxurious options such as infinity edges, acrylic windows, and water features. We have a team of landscape architects, designers, draftsmen, in-house builders, and project coordinators who collaborate to deliver a seamless, hassle-free design and construction process.

Dive into elegance with our bespoke concrete pools, where your dream outdoor oasis awaits, meticulously crafted by our expert team in Melbourne.

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Contact us to request a quotation. Once you've reviewed and are satisfied with the initial quotation, we'll schedule an onsite meeting to discuss your project requirements further.



After the on-site meeting, we'll finalise your quotation and arrange a meeting to sign the building contracts. Once the contracts are signed, we proceed to prepare your plans and submit all required documentation for the building permit application.



After the permit is finalised, we commence construction. Our team manages every aspect of your swimming pool construction with efficiency and organisation. Upon project completion, we hand over your new swimming pool.

Custom Pool Design

Pool Finishes

Ceramic Mosaic Tiled Pools

Offering an extensive selection of ceramic mosaic tiles, these tiles provide an excellent option for custom concrete pool interiors at a reasonable price. Available in various sizes ranging from 23mm to 97mm and featuring both blended and solid colours, they create a premium and timeless finish. Fully tiled concrete pools provide exceptional aesthetics and offer durability, smoothness underfoot, and effortless maintenance.

Natural Stone Swimming Pools

With a variety of stones like Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone, and more, featuring tile sizes from 250mm to 1m wide, the options are limitless for designing a unique and beautiful swimming environment. This extensive selection allows for customisation to the finest detail, ensuring your pool area perfectly complements your home's aesthetics. Also, the material's durability and natural beauty guarantee a timeless elegance and a long-lasting outdoor oasis.

Crystal Glass Tiled Pools

These tiles feature clear glass with a coloured glazed backing, producing dazzling sparkle and reflections in sunlight or under nighttime illumination. Crystal glass tiles offer a sleek and elegant tile option for outdoor spaces, creating a polished look ideal for the perfect outdoor setting. Available in solid and blended colours, with sizes ranging from 20-48mm, they provide an excellent choice for a luxurious and timeless concrete swimming pool.

Glass Mosaic Tiled Pools

With tile sizes typically ranging from 20 to 25mm, you have endless possibilities to craft a concrete swimming pool masterpiece. Enhance your pool interior with glass mosaics, choosing from a wide selection of colours and textures, including blended, marble, gold, and pearl effects. This diversity allows you to create a truly personalised aquatic paradise that reflects your style and elevates the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Type of Water

Water Choices



Chlorine is a common chemical used in pools to sanitise water, effectively killing bacteria and algae. While it ensures water clarity and safety, it can sometimes lead to skin and eye irritation, particularly in sensitive individuals.



Saltwater pools are a popular choice due to their lower chlorine levels, which are gentler on the skin and eyes. They offer a softer feeling on the body and require less maintenance compared to traditional chlorinated pools.



Mineral pools are nearly odorless and provide a luxuriously soft and silky swimming experience. A magnesium mineral pool offers numerous health benefits. Swimming in a mineral pool can relieve aches and pains while soothing the skin.

concrete spa with hardscaping design and lighting - amalfi pools

Pool Features

Concrete Spa

You can choose every detail, from size and shape to the materials used for glass, tiles, and edging, without being confined to prefabricated models with a custom pool. Our custom pools are constructed with precision and the highest quality materials. Investing in a custom concrete swimming pool is a really good decision for enhancing your property and lifestyle. Plus, with our expert team guiding you every step of the way, creating your dream pool becomes an exciting and seamless experience.

water fountain in concrete pool - cement pool -with water fountain - fountain in pool -swimming pool - with water fall feature

Water Features

Swimming Pool Water Features

We can build stunning water features with options like waterfalls and fountains, especially when illuminated by LED lights that add a touch of luxury to any custom swimming pool. Waterfalls offer tranquil sounds, enhancing relaxation akin to a serene hot spring. LED jets provide a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for entertainment. Choose the feature that aligns with your desired ambience, whether it's a peaceful retreat or a lively gathering space. Select the feature that best matches your vision for a serene retreat or a lively entertainment hub, making your custom pool the highlight of your property.

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