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Infinity Edge Pools Melbourne

An infinity pool transforms any outdoor area into a statement of elegance, offering the illusion of endless water blending with the landscape. Tailored to your property and built with high-quality materials, it combines sophistication with tranquility, making every swim a luxurious escape.

Infinity Edge Pool Builders

Endless Swim Pool and Spa for Luxury and Comfort

An infinity swimming pool is synonymous with opulence, luxury, and affluence for a reason. Having an endless swim spa in your home brings the luxury design feel of high-end resorts to your property. Whether it's an infinity pool in your backyard, a zero edge swimming pool, or a negative edge pool, each design is meticulously crafted to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Beyond the visual allure, an endless swim spa or pool provides a unique and invigorating swimming experience, with the option for a continuous swim against a gentle current.

With various infinity pools cost and designs available, from the lavish infinity edge swimming pool design to the practical endless swimming pool, there's a bespoke option to fit every lifestyle and budget, ensuring your dream of a luxurious aquatic escape becomes a reality.

Infinity Pool Design

Infinity Edge Pools for Enhanced Property Value

Water features of a swimming pool infinity design can significantly increase the value of your home and property if you decide to sell. Selecting visually stunning and impressive features like infinity edge pools and spas can provide even greater benefits. Integrating elements such as endless pool swim spas or zero edge swimming pools into your landscaping design can transform your property into a standout offering in the real estate market, appealing to prospective buyers seeking that blend of luxury and tranquility.

Endless Pool Swim Spa

Resort-living With an Endless Pool and Spa

Whether it's the family gathering for long hours of enjoyment or hosting friends over the weekend, infinity edge pools give the same summer bliss as any other pool or spa. You can also choose your preferred finishes, allowing for a fully customised aquatic experience that complements your lifestyle and home aesthetics. This personalised approach ensures your endless pool and spa becomes a focal point for resort-style living, providing a private retreat for leisure and social gatherings any time of the year.

Affordable Infinity Edge Pool Designs

Infinity edge pools also enhance the visual appeal of your entire landscape, so you can enjoy your zero-edge pool regardless of the weather. This customisation extends to a variety of budget-friendly design options, ensuring that the luxury and elegance of an infinity pool are accessible without compromising on style or quality. Choose an affordable infinity edge pool design to seamlessly integrate sophisticated luxury into your outdoor space, making it possible to own a slice of paradise that perfectly matches your lifestyle and budget.

Infinity Edge Pool Design

Zero Edge Pool That Optimises Your Views

Anyone looking for a breathtaking water feature will appreciate an infinity swimming pool. These are perfectly suited for sloping blocks and locations with stunning views, offering the opportunity to sit and relax above the horizon and blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Enhancing your property with a zero edge pool not only optimises and amplifies these views but also elevates the aesthetic value of your home, turning every glance outdoors into a picturesque scene straight out of a luxury resort. By incorporating a zero edge design, you can transform your outdoor space into a visual extension of the natural landscape, making it the ultimate backdrop for relaxation and entertainment you'll enjoy for years. 

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Our Process



Start your project by contacting Amalfi Pools to request a quotation. Once you've reviewed and are satisfied with the initial quotation, we'll schedule an onsite meeting to discuss your project requirements further.



After the on-site meeting is done, we'll finalise your quotation. Then we can schedule a meeting to sign building contracts. Once the contracts are signed, we proceed to prepare your plans and submit all required documentation for the building permit application.



Once permits are approved, we start building your infinity edge pool, overseeing every detail with precision. Upon completion, we deliver your breathtaking new infinity pool, seamlessly blending with the horizon.

Custom Infinity Pools

Custom Pool Finishes

Ceramic Mosaic Tiled Pools

Our wide range of ceramic mosaic tiles offers the perfect solution for custom concrete pool interiors, combining affordability with luxury. With sizes from 23mm to 97mm and an array of colours, both blended and solid, these tiles ensure a sophisticated, enduring look for your pool. Opting for a fully tiled concrete pool not only enhances its visual appeal but also guarantees durability, a smooth feel, and easy upkeep, making it a standout choice for any custom swimming pool project.

Natural Stone Swimming Pools

With a variety of stones like Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone, and more, featuring tile sizes from 250mm to 1m wide, the options are limitless for designing a unique and beautiful swimming environment.

Crystal Glass Tiled Pools

Dazzle your outdoor oasis with captivating crystal glass tiles for your luxury concrete swimming pool in Melbourne. These mesmerising tiles feature clear glass with a coloured glazed backing, producing a sparkling shimmer that dances in the sunlight. Available in solid and blended colours, ranging from 20 to 48mm, they offer a sleek and elegant tiled finish for a timeless concrete swimming poolside aesthetic.

Glass Mosaic Tiled Pools

With tile sizes typically ranging from 20 to 25mm, you have endless possibilities to craft a concrete swimming pool masterpiece. Enhance your pool interior with glass mosaics from a wide selection of colours and textures including blended, marble, gold, and pearl effects. Experience the ultimate in sophistication and quality with glass tiles that not only dazzle with their radiant sparkle but also offer exceptional durability and easy maintenance, ensuring your outdoor oasis remains a stunning retreat for years to come.

Type of Water

Water Choices



Chlorine is a common chemical used in pools to sanitise water, effectively killing bacteria and algae. While it ensures water clarity and safety, it can sometimes lead to skin and eye irritation, particularly in sensitive individuals.



Saltwater pools are a popular client choice in Amalfi Pools due to their lower chlorine levels, which are gentler on the skin and eyes. They offer a softer feeling on the body and require less maintenance compared to traditional chlorinated pools.



Mineral pools are nearly odourless and provide a luxuriously soft and silky swimming experience. A magnesium mineral pool offers numerous health benefits. Swimming in a mineral pool can relieve aches and pains while soothing the skin.

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Pool Features

Infinity Pool Design

An infinity pool is known for the water's edge seemingly merging with the surrounding landscape, creating the illusion of boundless expanse. As water cascades over the edge, it vanishes into a carefully concealed reservoir, imparting a sense of seamless connection with the horizon. This mesmerising design element not only enhances the pool's aesthetics but also offers a unique sensory experience, inviting you to indulge in unparalleled luxury while enjoying breathtaking views.

pool spa with water feature - amalfi pools

Water Features

Swimming Pool Water Features

Take your backyard pool from ordinary to extraordinary with a custom water feature! Imagine tranquil waterfalls cascading down, their gentle sounds creating a serene escape akin to a luxurious hot spring and for a livelier atmosphere, picture vibrant LED jets illuminating the night, transforming your pool into the perfect space for entertaining. We offer a variety of water features to match your desired ambience. Opt for a calming waterfall to lull you into relaxation, or choose illuminating LED jets to create a dazzling display during nighttime gatherings. The choice is yours - contact our Melbourne pool builders to know more.

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