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Lap Pools

Discover the ultimate in home fitness and leisure with Amalfi Pools, Melbourne’s premier lap pool builders. Dive into the endless possibilities with Amalfi Pools and experience the perfect blend of style, performance, and relaxation right in your own backyard.

Lap Pool Builders

Lap Pools

Lap pools, a must-have for both fitness enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil and quick escape, are expertly designed swimming pools that cater specifically to health and exercise routines. A lap swimming pool and spa are ideal for enhancing physical and mental well-being and serve as a versatile and welcome addition to any home, effortlessly marrying function with aesthetics.

Whether built within small backyards or sprawling landscapes, these concrete pools, including above-ground lap pools and small inground swimming pools, promise not only a superb workout but also a serene retreat. With the added allure of custom landscaping and ambient lighting, a lap pool transforms into a stunning backyard focal point, elevating both lifestyle and property value.

Backyard Swim Spa

Why Swimming Pool and Spas are Popular

At Amalfi Pools, we are proud to create bespoke lap swim pools and swim spas that redefine luxury and wellness in the comfort of your yard. Experience the many benefits a custom lap swimming pool and spa can give you:

  • Fitness and therapy combined
  • Beautifies outdoor living spaces
  • Increases your home's marketability
  • Year-round enjoyment
  • Provides a personal and serene oasis

Aesthetic Lap Swimming Pools

Custom Lap Pool Design

Custom lap pools offer versatility like no other for small backyards, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. From above ground lap pools for vigorous swim training to spa swim spas with endless pool systems for low-impact aquatic exercise, these tailored designs maximise space while delivering an invigorating and relaxing swimming experience.

Also, with the inclusion of sophisticated features like built-in steps, underwater lighting, heating systems, and counter-current technology, your swim transforms into an adventure we can curate for you!

Swimming Pools for Small Backyards

Rendered Lap Swimming Pools

We take great pride in upgrading the aesthetics of your outdoor living spaces with beautifully and meticulously crafted and rendered lap swimming pools. Popular in Australia and Europe, rendered lap pools can deliver a sleek and polished look while creating a waterproof barrier to give you a leak-free experience!

Glass mosaic tiled pools offer a contemporary, upscale allure, crystal glass tiled pools add shimmering depth and luxury, and natural stone pools add that earthy vibe to your Melbourne property. Whether you crave a serene, minimalist oasis or a vibrant, statement-making centrepiece, the rendered lap pools empower you to craft a dream aquatic oasis that complements your home's architecture and enhances your outdoor living experience.

Above Ground Lap Pools

Taking Care of Your Lap Swim Pool

We understand the importance of proper lap swim pool maintenance to ensure your pool stays pristine. Regular upkeep is crucial for preserving water quality, extending the lifespan of your pool equipment, and maximising your enjoyment.

Key steps include daily skimming, weekly vacuuming or using automatic cleaners, and brushing to prevent algae and maintain the pool's beauty. Consistent water quality checks, chlorination, and shock treatments can help keep your pool's water stay crystal clear and sanitised, making your swim spa and pool experience so much better. Filter care and equipment inspections guarantee efficient operation, allowing you to save on expensive maintenance fees.

Trust Amalfi Pools for year-round, easy-care lap pools, where luxury meets convenience.

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Our Process



Kickstart your dream pool journey with Amalfi Pools by reaching out to our team. We’re here to listen, understand your vision, and guide you through the initial steps.



Following your enquiry, we can craft a customised quotation, tailored to your specific desires and requirements, ensuring transparency and clarity in every detail.



With the green light on our detailed quotation, our skilled craftsmen begin transforming your vision into reality, adhering to the highest standards of quality and precision for your custom lap pool and spa.

Custom Swimming Pools

Custom Built Lap Pool

Inground Lap Pools

We specialise in designing and building inground lap swimming pools for your home. Made from high-quality concrete for unparalleled customisation and durability, our inground pools cater to fitness enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike.

Above Ground Lap Pools

Our above ground lap pools present a more economical solution, constructed from metal or resin for easy installation and removal. Despite their cost-effective nature, they deliver the same invigorating lap swimming experience in compact spaces.

Swim Spa

Our Melbourne luxury pool builders bring you the ultimate swim spa experience, combining the exercise benefits of a lap pool with the relaxation of a spa. Our swim spas, or endless swim spas and pools, offer adjustable currents and swim jets for resistance training in a compact design, making them perfect for any space, and providing both fitness and hydrotherapy benefits for your entire household.

Type of Water

Water Choices



Amalfi Pools' chlorine options provide efficient sanitation but require consistent upkeep, suitable for those prioritising cost-effective initial setup.



Our saltwater lap pools ensure a softer, more gentle swimming experience with lower maintenance and minimal impact on skin and eyes.



Amalfi Pools' mineral pools offer a luxurious, wellness-enhanced swimming experience, combining reduced chemical use with that's friendly to your health.

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integrated spa

Pool Heating

We can upgrade your swimming experience with integrated spa features like pool heating, ensuring a comfortable and inviting environment for every lap you swim. Our heated lap pools not only offer the luxury of year-round use no matter what season, extending your training and relaxation sessions, but they also contribute to muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and injury prevention.

Investing in a heated lap pool from Amalfi Pools not only increases your property's market value but turns your backyard into a tranquil retreat, perfect for fitness enthusiasts and those seeking solace in warm waters.

water jets for concrete pool, swimming pool jets, concrete pool with hydrotherapy jet, three people enjoying the pool spa with jets

Hydrotherapy Options

Adjustable Pool Water Jets

Our lap pool builders can integrate advanced hydrotherapy features, such as adjustable and therapeutic water jets, into our lap pools and swim spas, which can offer you additional health benefits. These features can provide pain relief, enhance blood circulation and mobility, and reduce stress to improve your well-being. With Amalfi Pools, your lap pool transforms into a sanctuary for both physical recovery and mental relaxation, promoting better sleep and an overall healthier lifestyle.

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