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Plunge Pools Melbourne

Amalfi Pools specialises in crafting custom plunge pools in Melbourne, offering a refreshing, stylish, space-efficient, and affordable addition to your living space that blends luxury and practicality for your home.

Plunge Swimming Pool Builders

Plunge Pools

In Melbourne, where outdoor living is highly enjoyed and celebrated, plunge pools and custom built pools have become a popular addition to modern homes and small backyards. We know and understand the increasing demand for these relaxing retreats that offer you and your family a serene escape without leaving your home.

Unlike larger pools, our plunge pools or plungie pools are designed to fit elegantly into small backyards or spaces, offering a place to rejuvenate without having to purchase land or overspend on unnecessary plunge pool costs.

Small Plunge Pools in Melbourne

Why Invest in a Plunge Pool?

Choosing to invest in an above ground plunge pool, inground spa or plunge pool, or a concrete plunge pool is a wise decision for any Melbourne homeowner. Plungie pools can transform your limited outdoor space into a personal oasis, offering numerous benefits:

  • Enhance small spaces with its space-saving design
  • Allows you to save money due to the cost-effectiveness of installation and maintenance
  • Ease of customisation elevates outdoor visuals and function with the many features and inclusions
  • Enjoy hassle-free upkeep and low-maintenance

Plunge Pool Builder

Backyard Plunge Pools

We're introducing the Outback plunge pool, a quintessential choice for Melbourne homeowners seeking elegance, functionality, and efficiency in a compact swimming pool. Proudly Australian-made, these pools are crafted from premium corrugated 316 stainless steel, ensuring durability across all weather conditions. Perfect for Melbourne's climate! Outback plunge swimming pools are easily installed and use a freshwater system, minimising the use of harsh chemicals, and giving you the most natural swimming experience you can have in your home.

Choose Amalfi Pools for an outback plunge pool that combines beauty with practicality, creating a natural backyard oasis you will love.

Small Plunge Pool

Inground Plunge Pools

Inground Plunge Pool

At Amalfi Pools, we craft elegant and durable inground plungie pools for Melbourne homeowners, harmonising luxury design and durability in one. Built from high-quality materials like concrete, our inground pools effortlessly blend into your landscape, reflecting your personal style. Although inground plunge pool costs may be higher than their counterparts, their long-term benefits are unmatchable and definitely add great value to your home.

Above Ground Plunge Pool

If inground swimming pools exceed your budget, above ground plunge pools offer a more adaptable and cost-effective option. Designed and built for quick installation and constructed from durable and strong materials like metal, fibreglass, and concrete, these swimming pools immediately satisfy your desire to enjoy a water feature in your yard without the need to excavate.

Precast Concrete Pools

Concrete Plunge Pools

We bring to you the latest innovation in pool building: precast concrete plunge pools. Precast pools offer you a swift, durable, lasting, and high-quality alternative to traditional pool installations. A prefab concrete plunge pool is constructed before transportation and installation, giving you several advantages:

  • Installed in a fraction of the time required for traditional pools
  • Underwent strict quality checks to ensure quality and durability
  • Reduced on-site labour and plunge pool cost and a simple manufacture-to-installation process

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Our Process



Start your plunge pool journey with a simple enquiry, and our team at Amalfi Pools will promptly respond, guiding you through the first steps to making your dream dipping pool a reality.



Receive a detailed quotation of plunge pool prices from Amalfi Pools, where every detail of your pool is thoughtfully considered and priced, ensuring transparency every step of the way.



Once you've approved the design and quote, our skilled pool building professionals will execute the construction process, adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, bringing the pool of your dreams to life.

Custom Pools

Lighting for Plungie Pools

Floating Pool Lights

Turn your small backyard plunge pool into a dynamic display of lights with floating pool lights. Easily movable and versatile, it's the perfect touch of whimsy when hosting special events and parties in your home.

LED Pool Light

Illuminate your plungie pool with energy-efficient LED lights, offering a spectrum of vibrant colours to set the desired ambience and match your personal style while minimising your environmental footprint.

Solar Pool Lights

When you choose solar pool lights for your plungie, you're also choosing sustainability. Solar lights use sunlight to enlighten your plunge pools by night. With the convenience of wireless installation and auto-activation, you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn on pool lights at dusk.

Halogen Pool Lights

Opt for the classic glow of halogen pool lights to brighten your plunge pool area with a crisp, white light. Although less energy-efficient than LEDs, they remain an all-time favourite choice here at Amalfi Pools for those seeking a traditional pool lighting solution.

Type of Water

Water Choices



Classic and budget-friendly, but require constant monitoring and can be harsh on swimmers.



Softer on skin and easier to maintain than chlorine pools, with a touch of a salty vibe.



The ultimate in comfort and ease of use, with minerals for a spa-like swim, comes with a higher price tag.

spa pool - indoor swimming pool, concrete pools

Pre Cast Spa

Concrete Spa Pool

We also specialise in the design and construction of concrete spa pools, creating a haven for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation in the comfort of their Melbourne home. Crafted from durable concrete, these spa pools are customisable to any shape, size, and depth, tailored to your unique preferences, requirements, and style. Our concrete spa pools have hydrotherapy jets, heating systems, luminous underwater lighting, and comfortable seating.

water fountain in concrete pool - cement pool -with water fountain - fountain in pool -swimming pool - with water fall feature

Swimming Pool Water Features

Poolside Waterfalls

Take your swimming experience to new heights by incorporating invigorating and breathtaking poolside waterfalls, designed to level up nature's beauty straight to your yard. These water features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool area, creating a stunning visual and auditory focal point but also contribute to a peaceful and tranquil ambience, perfect for relaxation.

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