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Deckings Melbourne

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning retreat that stands the test of time. Here, innovation melds with durability and beauty, ensuring a seamless blend of style and longevity. Explore a range of composite and timber deckings with finishes that not only complement your landscape but also offer slip-resistant surfaces for safety and comfort.

Composite Decking Melbourne

Why use composite decking?

Composite decking offers several benefits compared to traditional wood decking:

  • Low Maintenance: Composite decking requires minimal maintenance. It doesn't need staining, sealing, or painting like wood decks do. Regular cleaning with soap and water is usually sufficient to keep it looking good just like glass balustrades.
  • Durability: Composite decking is highly durable and resistant to rot, decay, warping, and insect damage. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold, without deteriorating.
  • Safety: Unlike wood decking, composite decking is splinter-free, making it safer for families with children and pets. It also tends to have better slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents, especially when wet.

Timber Decking Melbourne

Why use timber decking?

When it comes to upgrading your poolside area, you have another option aside from composite decking. Timber decking offers several advantages that have made it popular among Melbourne homeowners.

  • Natural and Timeless Appeal: Timber decking provides a unique, warm, and natural ambience that makes it more inviting for you and your guests. With proper maintenance, a timber pool deck can last for many years, weathering beautifully and blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings.
  • Customisation: Timber pool decks are easy to customise to fit your pool and yard's unique needs. Wood is simple to cut and shape, requiring less levelling and drainage compared to other materials. Its soft, organic appearance complements any setting or garden, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.
  • Defines Your Space: A timber deck around your pool clearly defines the area, enhances backyard layout and usability, doubles as furniture, and increases property value by improving the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space.

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