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Inground Spa Melbourne

The ultimate relaxation inground spa. Experience luxury and accessibility in one place. Explore our wide range of durable and inviting in-ground hot tubs, swim spas, and spa pools, tailored to meet every budget and transform everyday into a resort-like experience.

In-Ground Spa Builders

Inground Swim Spa

An inground swim spa, also known as a built-in or custom spa, offers a permanent and seamless addition to your backyard retreat. Unlike portable options, inground spas are meticulously installed into the ground, blending effortlessly with your landscape or pool area.  Water flow from one end creates resistance for swimming, with adjustable flow rates, and is ideal for exercise or therapy at home.

Inground hot tubs and spas are the go-to choice for creating a cohesive and opulent outdoor living space, often paired with a stunning swimming pool. While they require a notable investment in construction and upkeep, their allure lies in their unparalleled customisation options, such as the addition of water jets, heating systems, and more tailored to your preferences and site specifics. Dive into the lap of luxury with an inground spa pool, transforming your backyard into a haven of relaxation and style.

Backyard Inground Swim Spa

Inground Spa Pool

A spool pool, often referred to simply as a "spool", ingeniously blends the functionalities and features of both a pool and a spa. Designed to accommodate 8 to 10 people comfortably, spools are the perfect solution for those looking to maximise their space without compromising on the luxury and benefits of water therapy. Unlike larger swimming pools, a spool's smaller volume allows for quick heating, making it an ideal choice for year-round enjoyment—cool and refreshing during Australia's hot summers and warm, soothing in the cooler winters.

Fiberglass Inground Spa

Fiberglass Spas

Perfect for those seeking the spa experience without the exorbitant price tag or extensive installation process associated with traditional spas, fiberglass spas offer a world of relaxation and style right in your own backyard. A built in spa pool offers affordable access to spa benefits, with a ready-made shell installed at grade, akin to a gunite pool but at a fraction of the cost. Its smooth surface and easy cleaning are highly valued, with various shapes, sizes, colours, and jet options available.

Fiberglass inground spas represent the pinnacle of backyard luxury for Australians. Offering durability, ease of installation, low maintenance, and endless customisation options, these spas are the ideal choice for anyone looking to transform your compact outdoor spaces.

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Our Process



Reach out to Amalfi Pools for an initial quote that matches your vision. Our team is ready to guide you through our tailored options and next steps.



Following a thorough on-site assessment, we tailor a quote that encapsulates your requirements and requests.



Construction commences post-permit approval, with our team dedicated to building your inground spa, leading up to the big reveal of your new pool

Custom Swimming Pools

Inground Spa Finishes

Ceramic Mosaic Tiled Pools

Amalfi Pools brings elegance and durability to your backyard with our ceramic mosaic tiled inground spa pools. Offering an extensive selection of ceramic mosaic tiles, these tiles provide an excellent option for custom concrete pool interiors at a reasonable price. Adding a timeless aesthetic appeal to your home, our selection ranges from sleek, single-colour finishes to elaborate patterns, ensuring a bespoke design that perfectly matches your style. Fully tiled concrete pools provide exceptional aesthetics and durability, smoothness underfoot, and effortless maintenance that will stand the test of time.

Natural Stone Swimming Pools

If you're interested in blending your backyard spa and pool with nature's paradise, we are happy to offer inground pools and spas that are crafted from premium natural stone like limestone, travertine, bluestone, granite, sandstone, and more. Our natural stone options offer a unique blend of rustic style, safety, durability, and low-maintenance that cater to the Australian lifestyle and climate. Choose Amalfi Pools for an unforgettable inground spa experience that combines the timeless appeal of natural stone with cutting-edge design and functionality.

Crystal Glass Tiled Pools

Indulge yourself in the ultimate in inground pool spas and hot tubs—clear glass-tiled pools. Dazzle your guests with our crystal glass tiled pools' three-dimensional effects and vibrant colours that capture and reflect light, resulting in a breathtaking pool experience. Crystal glass tiles offer a sleek and elegant tile option for outdoor spaces, creating a polished look ideal for the perfect outdoor setting. Choose from solid to blended colours and create a concrete pool that truly glimmers under the sun and nighttime sky!

Glass Mosaic Tiled Pools

Your inground spa experience will never be the same with our glass mosaic tiled pools. Our stunning range of glass mosaic tiled pool designs combines durability, elegance, style, and cost-effectiveness into one. We offer unique designs that feature a vast selection of colours and textures, like marble, gold, and pearl effects, that you can mix and match to personalise your outdoor space. The resilience of glass mosaic tiles against chemical corrosion, staining, and fading, paired with their non-porous nature, guarantees a lasting beauty with minimal upkeep.

Type of Water

Water Choices



Renowned for their effectiveness and ease in maintaining clean and safe swimming conditions, our chlorine water pools are a testament to traditional pool enjoyment.



Our salt water pools diminish the need for harsh chemicals. This results in a softer, more natural swimming experience, with the salinity level being kind to both skin and eyes.



Step into the therapeutic world of our mineral water pools, a popular choice for Melbourne residents for their health and wellness benefits. These pools offer a serene spa-like retreat conducive to skin soothing and muscle relaxation.

water fountain in concrete pool - cement pool -with water fountain - fountain in pool -swimming pool - with water fall feature

Pool Features

Poolside Fountains

You can choose every detail from size and shape to the materials used for glass, tiles, and edging without being confined to prefabricated models with a custom pool. Our custom pools are constructed with precision and the highest quality materials. Investing in a custom concrete swimming pool is a really good decision for enhancing your property and lifestyle.

pool balustrades - amalfi pools

Pool Fencing Solutions

Pool Fencing

Here at Amalfi Pools, your safety is also our priority. This is why we offer a range of compliant inground spa and pool fencing, designed to perfectly blend with Melbourne homes. Our pool fences are meticulously designed and created to meet strict standards, ensuring your pool area is safe and stylish. By choosing Amalfi Pools, you're not just installing a fence; you're investing in peace of mind, safeguarding your loved ones from the dangers of unsupervised pool access. Embrace both safety and aesthetics with our custom pool fencing solutions,where our pool fence designs are tailored to protect you and beautify your pools.

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